Short Stories #1 – 100

AIt begins to rain the alphabet
AardvarkAn aardvark and a nosy ant
AardwolfRunning for asylum in Africa
AbaWhat was under the aba of Taj Hafez?
AbackKid sister invents a Gucci time machine
AbacusThe endless reader
AbaddonA man and his cat go to Hell
AbaftAn old whaler is haunted
AbaloneOtters playing poker
AbandonDear sir…
À basHarold disagrees with the 5-year-plan
AbaseThe king of the jungle consults a crow
AbashThe tale of the Wendigo
AbateCan’t sleep, can’t write
AbatisRome at its barricade
AbattoirThe mundane life of a slaughterhouse foreman
AbaxialA badger meets a cobra
AbbeyFormer alcoholic makes a poor monk
AbbreviateTwo men were sitting outside a hospital…
AbdicateA king steps down from his throne
AbdomenAn ordinary examination
AbductAliens, once, abducted me
AbeamMermaid by her lonesome
AbecedarianAn abecedarian unleashes an alphabet rain
AberrantAn aberrant thing in Nicole’s mind
Abet“Have you ever done anything criminal?”
AbeyanceMonster arrives to settle a debt with Olaf Erikson
AbhorCaught fish offers rube wish
AbideIt’s a dog’s life
AbilityRose foretells the fate of a kingdom
AbiogenesisHow we come to Once Upon a Time
AbirritantCrow fools Johnny
AbjectGray island is a gray paradise
Abjure“I abjure writing!” the ragman said
AblactationPiglet debates a dog
AblationJohann Strauss, the glacier
AblazeI would tell you of the night the stars…
AblePortnoy climbs his mountain
AblegatePope’s envoy considers his fate in the Far East
AbloomEagle and fox share an unrequited love
AbluentAn old man waxes poetic in Coopersville
AblutionPigeons leave for New York and salvation
AbnegateBob’s agent wants a better book
AbnormalCaptain Mallory observes Robin Smith and a tiger
AboardA secret place on the Pacific Coast Highway
AbodeThe abode of Leonard Ephraim is deceptive
AbolishThere were too many broken hearts in Sacksville
AbomasumFarm goes fallow as farmer cares for his cow
AbominableA tale of yeti
AboriginalMy father hunted the old people of this desert
AbortStrange phenomena at NASA
About“What is this about?”
AboutfaceThe Pony Express is retired
AboutshipMan falls from the mast
AboveSpace circus robs a stingy monarch
AboveboardPoker game takes dramatic turn
Ab ovoThe birth of Helen of Troy
AbracadabraVery old wizard’s hobby
AbradantTalking shark storms the deck and leaves a mess
AbranchiateGo down, abranchiate…
AbrasionThe story of the Colossus
AbreactA drunkard in a ghost house
AbreastForest creatures assemble for war
AbridgeMy grandfather was a conman of Biblical proportions
AbroachThe end of a speakeasy
AbroadNostalgic love lost and found in Milan
AbrogateDear New York…
AbruptA rude attempt to eat a sleeping man
AbscessTreating a sick dog
AbscissionWords carved in a cold cave
AbscondThe brief, unhappy life of Maurice the Snail
AbsenceA free turtle, briefly
AbsintheA strong drink in a fantastical place
AbsoluteWhy the lion is the king of the jungle
AbsolutionKaren Kelly Kieran got married on a Monday
AbsorbA final message from some rebellious towels
AbstainRussian cousins remove themselves
AbstemiousReverend Placid could not resist this one sin
AbstergeKitten opens its eyes for the first time
AbstinenceThat torrid love affair is over, they said…
AbstractAbstract paintings inspire concrete criticsm
AbsurdI was absurd today. I must regret it not…
AbuliaRodent makes a lethal deal with a snake
AbundanceLittle rabbit, where are you going?
AbuseA fearsome captain’s final order
AbutPoet woos his married neighbor
AbutmentThe natives of Tiki-Free hit an architectural snag
AbuzzAn engineer and his small mechanical man
AbyPrisoner of war meets some mice
AbysmalOur roadtrip was not so long ago
AbyssA tale from when the Universe was young
AcademyA silly academy is founded in the age of Victoria
AcanthoidBeset by bandits and left for dead
A cappellaAs the last licks of summer…
A capriccioThe sonata no. 5, the Baldacci Suite
AcariasisThe infestation started on the Winslow farm
AcarpousIno’s Plant – Part I
AcatalecticDear Nathaniel…