Short Stories #201 – 300

Actor – Kiss Me Barabbas flops; Georgina bites back
ActualThe Loch Ness is not so complex
ActuarialMob accountant chickens out
ActuateFarnham’s machine eats secrets
Acuity Two pigeons on a telephone wire
AculeateIt’s about something dirty
AcumenA business haiku
AcuminateHideous creatures on the moon
AcupunctureRebecca reconsiders LA medicine
AcuteRenard Billings shot himself one morning in Montana
AcyclicA scarf escapes one autumn afternoon
AdactylousI built this awful time machine to save us
AdageTwo cats, a window, and a peppy puppy
AdagioThe composition of the universe
AdamLillith and Eve in the land of Nod
AdamantUnderground anomaly provides linguistic comedy
AdamiteThe Wensleydales are quirky neighbors
AdaptAn upbeat tune for cannibals
AddAt the world’s end
AddendumDead CEO still puts in an honest day’s work
AdderHoney Badger v. Puff Adder
AddictMeditation before the Opium Wars
AdditamentWhere you fit, where I don’t
AddleA rotten egg is dealt with by young brother & sister
AddressCharlie Ben Studdard & the Amulet Caper I
AdduceTown’s dragon is not appeased
AdemptionSerena’s grandfather left her a penny farthing
AdenectomyRalph has a gland removed
AdeptAn arsonist and a criminal, but what a voice!
AdequacyHe cheats, she cheats, and the Bear comes home
AdhereA good life for a garbage truck
AdhesiveA present, no matter what kind
AdhibitEloquent criminal taunts his pursuer
Ad hocSurviving frat brothers discuss their spider problem
Ad hominemCharlie Ben Studdard & the Amulet Caper II
AdiabaticIno’s Plant – Part III
AdiaphorousEulogy for my mother
AdiathermancyCharlie Ben Studdard & the Amulet Caper III
AdieuAn insomniac’s love poem
AdipocereDying man makes a deal with a swamp gator
AdiposeGuilty bootlegger runs for his life
AditDead canary puts an end to a mine
AdjectivialA biography of punk band Oliver & the Doon Buggys
AdjoinA cup of coffee after bungled intercourse
AdjournHamster father & son have a heart to heart
AdjudgeA poem for the mad gunman
AdjudicateNotes on leaving Waikiki
AdjunctCharlie Ben Studdard & the Amulet Caper IV
AdjureA dirge for Captain Talleyrand, thief of air
AdjustThe pen is not mightier than the sword
AdjutantSmith and the Cannibals – Part I
AdjuvantBarfly philosophy
Ad libitumHoney Badger v. Lion
AdmeasureOlaf Erikson makes a wager with the monster
AdmetusA tale of Hercules, death and marriage
AdminicleA professor teaches an unorthodox physics lesson
AdministerA broken man dreams of his true self
AdmirableThe Tao of Egomania
AdmiralMermaids give planet Earth food for thought
AdmissionCecil was a miner. Jenny was his wife
AdmitCharlie Ben Studdard and the Amulet Caper V
AdmixThe end of a sinister minister
AdmonishSmith and the Cannibals – Part 2
AdoThoughts on Rebecca getting married
AdobeCharlie Ben Studdard and the Amulet Caper VI
AdolescenceA short poem on the fickleness of fame
AdonaiKen yehi ratzon
AdonisThe doomed lover of Aphrodite
AdoptA godfather looks back on his lonely regret
AdorableThe Bear steals away…
AdorePoem for half a house and half the love left in it
AdornPoem for an old friend
AdownPoem for failure, or a birthday
AdrastusThe tale of the Seven against Thebes
AdrenalCharlie Ben Studdard & the Amulet Caper VII
AdrianopleRome is sacked by the Visigoths
AdriftPoem for a tumbleweed
AdroitIt is a fine thing, telling stories
AdscititiousNo daydreaming allowed
AdsorbWaking up in the back of a car
AdulariaCharlie Ben Studdard & the Amulet Caper VIII
AdulateRhinoceri are remarkably stubborn
AdultSix-year-old Henrik opens XXX bookstore
AdulterateA man slowly replaces his insides with sand
AdulteryIf she was, she’d be…
AdumbrateThe recollection of a big, scary monster
AduncChristina had a parrot that growled
AdustWhat I say when I don’t say I love you
AdvanceGranted, I was robbing banks before I knew you
Advantage“You’re just going to have to let me say this…”
AdvectionEmily meets God and the devil in her kitchen
AdventCompassionate lies make the best true stories
AdventitiousYour father is dying. What do you give him?
AdventureThis is the game that is a game of games
AdverbA poem on the search for a word
AdversaryThe insomniac’s sonnet

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