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ABF Journal

October 2015 – Social Impact Investing: Bridging the Gap Between Capitalism…

Baltimore Post-Examiner

January 11, 2014Occupy Los Angeles Fades with the Rest

Blue Sand Group, Inc.

November 21, 2013The History of Google’s Search Equation

January 1, 2014Advice from Mars: How to Move in Together
January 9, 2014Should You Tell Him You’re Faking It?
January 19, 2014What He’s Thinking About on Your First Date
January 28, 2014The Marriage Ultimatum
January 31, 2014Do All Men Want a Threesome?
February 7, 20145 Things Women Should Know About Men
February 18, 2014How to Spice Up Your Sex Life: From a Man’s Perspective
February 26, 2014How Do You Know When Your Relationship is Over?
March 6, 2014Is It Wrong to Break Up via Text Message?
March 17, 2014Sarah Palin Is Not a Feminist
April 6, 2014Do Guys Mind Having Sex on Your Period?
April 14, 2014What Is the Difference Between Male and Female Brains?
May 6, 2014Why Don’t Men Like to Go Down on Women?
August 20, 20144 Reasons Why He Didn’t Call Back

Foreign Policy Journal

May 2, 2014Willful Blindness: Abraham Foxman and the Armenian Genocide
May 6, 2014Seymour Hersh Links Turkey to Benghazi, Syria and Sarin

Los Angeles Post-Examiner

January 17, 2014Antonio Villaraigosa: Still Destined to Be California’s…
January 30, 2014Electric Companies Still Have California Over a Barrel

Nation of Change

December 8, 2013Secret TPP Agreement Undermines Obama’s Transparency
December 30, 2013The NSA is Doing Its Job
January 7, 2014U.S. Cracks the Whip: Israel Apologizes for Selling to China
January 28, 2014If Global Warming is Real, Why is It So Cold?
February 4, 2014How America Helped Build Africa’s E-Wasteland
February 11, 2014U.N. Asks Catholic Church for All Data on Sexual Abusers
February 18, 2014Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost U.S. Over $4 Trillion
February 25, 2014The Sochi Olympics: A Cavalcade of Abuse, Some Sports
March 4, 2014Russia Invades Ukraine
March 11, 2014Duke Energy Has North Carolina in Its Pocket
March 18, 2014Why the U.S. Refuses to Ratify the U.N. Disabilities Treaty
March 25, 2014An Interview with USICD President Marca Bristo

New Internationalist

October 30, 2014 – 8 Facts About American Inequality


July 18, 20124 Tips on Creating Good Content from the Experts

Planet Experts

June 20, 20145 Gyres Co-Founder Discusses Federal Microbead Ban
July 29, 2014Dr. Laurence Packer: On Keeping the Bees
August 29, 2014Euro Governments Aren’t Quibbling Over Climate Change
September 24, 2014Your Home, the Toxic Box
September 25, 2014Why Do Republicans Reject Man-Made Climate Change?
October 13, 2014Vanishing Pearls: An Interview with Documentary Filmmaker…
November 5, 2014Armenia Has an Exotic Pet Problem
November 10, 2014A Talk with Angela Sun: How the Midway Atoll Became a…
November 17, 2014From Oil Sands to Farmland: Art Tanderup vs. the Keystone XL
December 12, 2014Climbing Toward a Sustainable Future: An Interview with Alex Honnold

Primitive Screwheads

November 2, 2013LAX Shooting Latest in American Mass Shootings
December 10, 201317 Words We Don’t Have in English
December 17, 201315 More Words We Don’t Have in English (and 1 We Do)

Salt Artists

May 2, 2014A Crash Course in Post-Graduate Economics

SHK Magazine

March 13, 2014Before Dating Again, Make Sure You’re Over Your Ex
March 21, 2014Unraveling the Myth of the 27 Club
March 31, 2014The Strange Case of D.B. Cooper
April 10, 2014Money, Millennials and Marriage: A Maddening Mix
April 15, 2014How Does the Music Snob Show Off in 2014?
May 14, 2014The Bike Theft Epidemic in Brooklyn

The Choice Effect

June 16, 2010Fear and Loathing in Orange County

The Climate Reality Project

October 22, 2015 – Debbie Dooley Is Changing How Conservatives Think…

The Sleuth Journal

December 4, 2014 – U.S. War Debt Is Over $2 Trillion and Obama Wants to Spend…

Thought Catalog

December 27, 201310 English Words We Should Pull Out of Retirement
April 19, 2014The Ordinariness of Grief
September 30, 2014We Are Not a Generation of Thinkers
November 25, 2014Who Are the Koch Brothers?
January 9, 2015Unemployment in Your 20s: Oh, the Places You Won’t Go!
February 2, 2015100 Years of Genocide, or Why My Grandfather Didn’t Want to be…
February 16, 2015Remembering Occupy Wall Street: America’s Favorite ‘Terrorists’


April 4, 2015 – Three Reasons Why America Is Broken


February 24, 2014The American Free Press Lost Some Freedom in 2013
March 1, 2014Millennials Still Want Homes in 2014, but Can’t Afford Them
March 7, 2014Catching Comedy Like a Cold
March 10, 2014No One Wants You Until You’re Famous
March 15, 2014How Pornography is Changing Millennial Men: Part 1
March 16, 2014How Pornography is Changing Millennial Men: Part 2
March 17, 2014How Pornography is Changing Millennial Men: Part 3
April 5, 2014How Pornography is Changing Millennial Men: Part 4