The Little Poppin Playset is an essential accessory to your child’s early, middle and late development. Its chief competitor, the book, is an antiquated throwback to an earlier age devoted to the savage slaughter of trees, time-consuming printing and unalterable flaws in typography. In fact, the Little Poppin Playset trumps the book on each of these points. Read on!

First, the Little Poppin Playset requires no printed material of any kind. It is assembled in the most advanced factories in the world, composed of high end silicon and rare earth metals, capable of computing, searching the internet, playing video and recording sound. When switched on, it emits a constant radiation that bathes the child in a soothing light, illuminating their work late into the night. They can begin their homework in earnest, and as they grow older, carry the Little Poppin Playset with them wherever they travel, to college and beyond. Neither lamp nor sun nor candle is required to mark the passage of time. Instead, a clock is built directly into the module. Your child will be lost without it.

Second, this compact device can store the equivalent of your local library in its slim, metal frame – with room left over for the contents of your once local record store! Documents can be received instantly, with no waiting at all. With a battery life of 6 hours, not only can your child read their teacher’s assignments on the Little Poppin Playset, they can also use the screen to watch educational seminars, physics demonstrations, and the latest contemporary must-see programs – all on the same screen – with no waiting at all! Just like Play-Mo’s Big Poppin Playset, the three-in-one dinner table, office desk and queen bed, the Little Poppin Playset is your one-stop shop for education, computation and entertainment!

Third, the Little Poppin Playset instantly updates your document libraries with the latest editions of your classic favorites. No longer will your cherished novels be marred by the errors of physical printers. The Little Poppin Playset is always connected to Play-Mo’s central literature matrix. Whether it’s a missing “q” from your copy of Moby Dick or an archaic phrase fallen into disuse, the Play-Mo Matrix will upload the corrected version directly to your Playset, automatically, with no waiting at all. You’ll never be behind on the latest trends in entertainment again!

Your child deserves the chance to step into the twenty-first century. Print is a dead medium because it lacks the convenience of your all-in-one solution to modern living. Instantly search for your favorite chapters, highlight important passages with the wave of a finger, bookmark pages to read later, and store your collection in one easy to reach place – where else can you do it all but with Play-Mo’s Little Poppin Playset?

Buy your child a Little Poppin Playset today. The reward will last a lifetime.

Do not drop the Little Poppin Playset. Damage to the casing will cause immediate void to warranty. Do not ingest any part of the Little Poppin Playset. Please make sure to recycle your Little Poppin Playset in a county-approved electronic disposal site. Failure to dispose of your Little Poppin Playset will result in fines (please consult your state and local statutes for details). All software bundled with the Little Poppin Playset or downloaded after purchase is subject to the policies and terms of the copyright holders.

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