Wilmington Estates is a tightly planned suburb aimed at middle to high income earners, located fifteen minutes’ commute to the city by highway. Its rows of houses include several identical amenities, in appearance sporting four facade designs, sizable front yard space and fenced backyards. The homeowners association is one of the most respected in the county, catering to young professionals starting a family who place family values at the forefront of their lifestyle choices. Without the moral relativism of less involved associations, the Wilmington Estates committee is a conservative, secure body, one its residents can trust and feel pride in. That has been the case since its head, Chief Administrative Officer Morgan Fairfield was eaten by a demon he and his ex-wife conjured to bring the spark back into their relationship. The association suffered a period of acentric leadership followed by a proud return to form with the election of Maple Avenue’s Douglas Banks as its new CAO.

At Wilmington Estates, our motto is: “Family. Friendly. Fun.” Please address all inquiries to our service line, available Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM PST.

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