Are you acquainted with the Mollers? They’re quite fashionable. Doug Moller, you see, is quite the bon vivant. He works for that very big, very chic new hardware-software giant – you know the one – and only works four months out of the year. Patents, darling, patents. The other two hundred days he spends in villas up and down the southern hemisphere. Oh I know but he’s ever so clever. Catherine Moller, she’s the one who you absolutely must get to know. She’s ever so sweet, and can you believe Doug built her all by himself? Heavens, for years we all thought he was so shy, and wouldn’t you know he was in his loft building the perfect woman from scratch. Well of course she’s a beautiful creature, has a mind like a mouse trap, catches everything, wondrous taste in films, well-read, and so refined. She can taste the vintage of a wine and smell the country that it came from. She’s perfect, darling, just perfect. Does have a bit of a temper, though. Don’t mention the child or your dress is liable to burn right off. Catherine has that microwave breath and doesn’t take kindly to being called synthetic. Well I don’t know where it came from but its last name is Moller and it eats well enough, not like its mother. And it makes toast! How clever. I mean, really, such a nice family, the Mollers, such delightful parties…

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