Oh I sea. And after Grover’s Mill I’m sure you’ll happen by a donkey, a duck and a cow looking to make their fortune in the city. I’ve heard such things happen “out yonder.”

You’ve been gone so long I feel like old man Aegeus waiting on the right color sails to come color my horizon. You know that old man stayed up day and night for his boy to return home, only for the kid to come sailing back under black sails? ‘Oh, my son, my son, please do not fight that bull-headed boy across the sea. He’s ever so dreadful, ever so ornery, ever so strange. But if you must go, please fly white sails upon your return to let me know you survived. White sails! Remember! Not black ones. If I see black ones, that means you’ve died.’ Well, Theseus got into a bit of an adventure on his way home (as these mythic sailors are wont to do), wound up in Delos, danced the Crane Dance, sacrificed to Apollo, put up a statue of Aphrodite, lost his lady love to Gods or drunkenness and just barely got back to the Acropolis in time for the sunrise. Of course he forgot about the sails. Old man Aegeus, he takes one look at those sails and flings himself off the cliff top in his grief.

Those Greeks never let common sense get in the way of a good story, huh?

Baby, when you get back, I’m gonna check every inch of you to make sure you’re well and truly home. You fly black sails and I’ll drive you to the morgue myself. I’m a little more thorough where my Theseus is concerned.

Good luck with your Minotaur,

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