Sarah Palin Says a Lot of Ignorant Things and Then Compares Climate Change to Eugenics

This story originally appeared on Planet Experts in October 2014.

Sarah Palin. (Image: Creative Commons)

Sarah Palin. (Image: Creative Commons)

As she recently told ABC News, Sarah Palin wants to “bug the crap” out of her haters. The media, she says, “want to destroy personally those they disagree with…. They want to crush us.” I’m afraid, in this instance, I can’t really argue with that.

And the reason why is because what Palin says in this video is ignorant, wrong and dangerous.

“Here’s the con,” says Palin, “we’re being told that the planet will suffer catastrophically unless we cut our emissions, which means losing jobs, wrecking the coal industry and dramatically hurting our economy. But wait, the so-called experts now tell us that even if we do all those things…the effect on the actual temperature on the planet will be imperceptible.”

This is simply untrue. On September 23, the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate released a report that said the transition to a global economy based on renewable and more efficient energies will actually produce a net gain for all nations. In fact, last month Shaun Donovan, the U.S. Director of the Office of Management and Budget, said that the cost of inaction will be much more damaging to America than climate action. “Climate denial will cost us billions of dollars,” he said in a speech delivered at the Center for American Progress.

As to the “imperceptible” effect on the planet’s temperature – the fact of the matter is, Mrs Palin, our atmosphere is so saturated with greenhouse gases that it will take longer than a three minute video to change the global climate – which is not the same as weather, by the way.

Read the rest on Planet Experts.

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