Berne Sanders Rally Disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter Activists

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I don’t understand how this can happen. At the moment, Bernie Sanders is the one man running for President I genuinely believe wants to change this nation for the better. He marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., he has been outspoken on police brutality, and he wants to create a more livable wage for all people. Watching the video of him being effectively chased off the stage by (allegedly) ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ activists is disturbing and saddening, and I’m sorry that these activists (if that’s what they really are) feel that the best way of spreading their message is by denigrating a man who has not only fought for equal civil rights but has done his best to make it a real issue in this already-farcical campaign process. These activists weren’t arrested, they weren’t attacked, they were even given a chance to speak, and yet they behaved appallingly. This article is sad, the video is even sadder.

2 responses to “Berne Sanders Rally Disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter Activists

  1. These two pathetic spokeswomen for their cause could never have drawn a crowd this large, so they stole Bernie’s. Actions such as this need to stop. They do not further their cause. They drive a wider wedge in this country.

    I was in attendance at his real rally last night and stood with 15,000 Seattleite’s who wanted, and who heard Bernie speak. It was electrifying. Let’s talk about that instead.

    • Agree whole-heartedly, Florence. I bet the rally was amazing, and Bernie seems to have addressed the incident with honesty and grace. Thanks for commenting!

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